Growing old is a natural process and no one can stop it and slow it down. But, spending post retirement era entirely depends on how you look ageing and prepared. The world offers numerous options for senior citizens to enjoy and explore their life. The ideal option available for aged people is a retirement home. Old age homes in Bangalore is paradise for needy elders. We are trusted organization which feels regret for those who think that the ageing is negative connotation. We are committed to provide much anticipated love and happiness to elders regardless their age. But many regret the decision after leaving their loved ones in the nursing home. But the true fact is that, people at nursing homes like Old age homes in Bangalore are treating them more generous.

We believe that retirement is ideal time to enjoy your life without any commitment. Eventually, you reached independent point in your life where you have more freedom to chase everything you missed in your life. After running hard with your career, fulfilling all your responsibilities and your children are well settled, you have more time to do your hobbies and enjoy your dreams. We offer perfect environment for senior citizens at our Old age homes in Bangalore to enjoy their post retirement era with more comfort. Our retirement heaven is located at Bangalore with all modern amenities, far from hustle and hectic of polluted city. We offer ideal environment and lifestyle for aged people to spend their life in peaceful and trouble free location.

We have years of managing fun senior homes/retirement homes with more than 100 residents from multiple location worldwide. We conduct workshops and psychological program for worried seniors to shed their hard feelings. Our staffs motivate and inspire them to understand the happiness of being happy after retirement. We increase their happiness by serving them better with smile. We make our residents to feel that they are not alone. We arrange various entertainment and social events to keep them engaged. Old age homes in Bangalore deliver highly regarding services to your loved ones by certified and licensed team of medical professionals.

  • Exclusive and peaceful residence for senior citizens, equipped with all modern amenities
  • Hygienic kitchen to provide nutritional and delicious meals
  • 24x7 medical care through in-house medical professionals
  • Housekeeping and maintenance service
  • World class facilities like walking lane, guest rooms, entertainment hall, etc

Subiksha Senior Citizen Complex was founded by Late Dr.V.Ramkumar who was a consultant Dermatologist practicing in Hosur for the past twenty years. He was a leading Dermatologist in Hosur He established a senior citizen complex where care,love could be provided to senior citizens which was increasingly being difficult because of hectic life style in cities, children of most senior citizens where settling down abroad. He wanted to provide basic facilities which senior citizens were finding it difficult to handle.

Single Bedroom Apartments

Single Bedroom Apartments consist of one bedroom with attached bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. This apartment is suitable for single person or a couple.

Individual House

Indvidual house consist of Hall,Dining Area,Pooja room,two bedrooms with attached bathrooom, servant bathroom, balcony.

Double Bedroom Apartments

Double Bedroom Apartments consist of two rooms with attached bathroom, kitchen, hall and dining area, Balcony.

We are providing all the above mentioned services with more love and affection at our Old age homes in Bangalore.