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Ambulance services in Chennai

Sai Health Care provides critical medical assistance through Doctors on home visit Chennai and road ambulance services in Chennai that suit the needs of individuals or organization. We believe in helping mankind with our timely and human approach. Our ambulance service provides punctual and best pre-hospital emergency care for injured and seriously ill patients. In addition, we also offer emergency shifting service to other destination on non-critical basics. Our medical patientís transfer services covers all over India. Our road ambulances are equipped with life saving State-Of-Art machines, experienced medical professionals and all emergency medication that creates similar environment to highly sophisticated Intensive Care Unit.

We are the leading ambulance fabricators in India. Our fleet of ambulances includes Tempo Traveller, Swraraj Mazda, Tata Winger, etc. We offer all types of transportation service for emergency and non- emergency medical condition. Our team is linked through advanced communication network and ready to assist patients 24x7 without any constraints.

Doctors on Home Visit Chennai

Our experienced team of medical professionals offers immediate care to the patients and assists in alleviating patientís health. Doctors on home visit Chennai offer special care and attention to patient suffering with critical health condition. We include skilled team of doctors and medical technicians offer basic life support and cardiac life support during emergency situation. They also accompany patients during medical transportation. The doctors are trained in emergency medication and always ready to assist patients in the ambulance.

Why to Choose Ambulance Services in Chennai?

  • Our advanced life support ambulances are equipped with life saving machines such as ventilator, suction machine, oxygen cylinder, tracking system, communication network, cardiac monitors, infusion pumps, etc.
  • In our ambulance services in Chennai, we provide the environment of highly sophisticated intensive care unit (ICU).
  • We include experienced team of doctors and paramedical staff who offer expert medical care and symptomatic treatment during transportation of critically injured patients.
  • Our fleets are specially designed for the transport of critically injured and ill patients. These life support vehicles are ideal for long distance transfer due its design and medical equipments.
  • Our experienced team of medical staff has proven record of transferring critically injured patients via from urban and remote destinations.